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Customers looking for chauffeur companies and Limousines want to get a price as quickly as possible this is now possible on Xclusive Chauffeurs When a company adds their details to Xclusive Chauffeurs they get a prominent listing on the site but they also get the option to use the INSTANT QUOTE feature which allows companies [...]

14 May, 2009

Liverpool Chauffeurs

Posted by: admin In: Liverpool Chauffeurs

If you are looking to use a chauffeur service in Liverpool then why not try Liverpool Chauffeur Services for more info do a company search in Lancashire and look under the google map!

Every company advertises in one way or another you have Companies that have budgets set aside for marketing and companies that have little or no budget and get by with building a website and hope for the best!. Promoting your chauffeur website is not as straight forward when you try to get it up all [...]

06 May, 2009

What Chauffeur Directory

Posted by: admin In: Xclusive Chauffeurs

There  are many chauffeur directories on the internet these days ranging from local country and worldwide chauffeur directories all showing chauffeur listings some showing images and details about the companies some just showing details like telephone email fax etc… Xclusive Chauffeurs a new state of the art chauffeur directory allows companies to show images and [...]

04 May, 2009

Airport transfers lottery!

Posted by: admin In: Airport Transfers News

It is a lottery these days when picking a company to do an airport transfer what car will turn up and will the driver be ok and knows where to go! These are only a few things that can go wrong but on the main picking the right company is the crucial part. When looking [...]

02 May, 2009

Wedding Cars

Posted by: admin In: Wedding Cars

To find numerous chauffeur companies providing wedding cars and luxury services look on Xclusive Chauffeurs there you will find a category full of wedding services with companies offering chauffeur driven cars like Rolls Royce Bentley Maybach and Mercedes and Jaguars etc… And professional drivers who look impeccable and courteous who will make sure your day [...]

02 May, 2009

Heathrow Airport Transfers

Posted by: admin In: Airport Transfers News

When you want to get to the airport you either have to drive yourself or you book a car. When going to Heathrow Airport you will find numerous chauffeur companies offering a wide range of cars from standard cars up to luxury limousines. You can look up them in the yellow pages or do a [...]

The thought of going on holiday brings back the dreaded memories first phoning up and booking the car park checking the tyres for the extra load of the luggage. Checking the oil and water and worrying that if the car breaks down we will miss our flight. Then there is the parking and getting on [...]

27 Apr, 2009

Manhattan Chauffeurs

Posted by: admin In: American Chauffeurs

Manhattan Chauffeurs get your website listed on Xclusive Chauffeurs Directory a new state of the art Chauffeur Directory that allows you to give your customers an INSTANT QUOTE!. For the price of one local fare you can have a year’s membership with a listing that gets your company seen from all over the world. Manhattan [...]

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