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How To Add Cars and Rates

Please follow instructions below:

1) Login

2)Go to My Listing

3) Click on View Rates

4)Click on Add New Vehicle

5) Enter Your First Vehicle

Enter the name of the vehicle like Mercedes E Class or Audi A8 etc….

6) Choose the currency rate you want to use £ $ €

7) Choose the distance unit miles or kilometers

8) Enter Your Mileage Ranges

Enter your 1st mileage range

Example (Start 0 – End 20 ) add Rate (3)

This will be your minimum charge 20 miles X 3 =£60

( so if anyone does an instant quote and the total distance is 2o miles or less the price will always be £60). You can adjust this to suite your business IE, start 0 – end 30 with a rate of 2.5 would give you a minimum charge of £75. You can have different rates for different vehicles so when you finish adding all your mileage ranges for this vehicle you can add a new vehicle and put in a different set of rates.

9) Enter Your 2nd Mileage Range

click on Add Range (21 – 50) add your rate.

10)- Enter Your 3rd Mileage Range

click on Add Range (51 – 1000) add your rate..

11) Once you have finished adding your mileage ranges and rates then click on the submit button.

TIP:  Once you finished adding all your cars and rates you can test your prices for your quotes by doing your own instant quote to check that your prices are correct for various journeys go to your listing tag and click on it to open up the balloon and click on rates. You can adjust your rates to suite your journeys.

More Help on adding Rates

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