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Customer Help Page

1) How to use the INSTANT QUOTE feature

a) Click on the instant quote link situated top right in the top menu.

b) Enter your journey details in the fields provided

Enter the journey eg:

From: Slough – To: Swindon

Choose the state or county you would like to receive quotes from



By choosing the state or county closest to your journey you will receive more competitive Quotes!

Berkshire was chosen because Slough is located in Berkshire

When you have filled in your journey details and click on the search button you will receive competitive quotes from companies that want to give quotes in that state/county.

2) How to use the COMPANY SEARCH feature

a) You will locate the Company Search Feature on the top right of the website.

b) Enter the first letter of the country in the country field and a dropdown list of countries will appear choose the country you require.

c) Go to the States and a dropdown menu of states will appear choose the state you want to locate companies.

d) If you know the name or want to search by alphabetical you can enter a keyword to narrow down your search.

e) When you have entered all your details click on search and

you will get presented with companies.


a) After doing a search you can click on a companies tag on the map and a balloon will appear.

b) In the balloon it has a number of tags Contact Information – Description – Photos and rates.

c) If you would like to get a quote from this company then click on the Rates and click on the link in the rates section of the balloon.

d) Enter in your journey details and search and you will receive a quote from that company.

e) If you are happy with the quote click on the check availability and enter the info required and the company will get back to.

f) You can always contact the company direct via email or

telephone to confirm booking if you require.

4) Red Straight Line Appears on Map

If the red line appears it is because either a spelling mistake or there is a duplicate city or town.

a) Please check the spelling of the city or town you enter

b) If you enter a city and the red line appears then enter the city followed by a comma and then the state/county where the city is situated.

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