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Company Listings

Company Listings  Explained

Free Listing – This is the basic listing which customers can see some of your details like telephone name and address.

Years Listing – This gives you a busines card type listing giving customers access to all your details including email and website address it also gives you a stylish blog template where you can update your blog with all your latest news which will help promote your company on our site plus it will get picked up by all the search engines.

You can also set up to give instant quotes to your customers. Read below for more information.

Free Listing – 0 quoting areas

Years Listing – Worldwide quoting areas

Quoting Areas Explained

Once you have entered your car details and rates and selected the areas you would like to give quotes for.

Then when a customer does an instant quote and when they choose for example any of the states/counties that you have entered then the customer will get your instant quote instantly for each car you have entered.

The customer can then send you more information and which you can reply back to the customer with confirmation.

Also the customer can do a company search and get a quote from your company direct again you will receive more information and you can get back with the availability.

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Company Listings

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