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Add Car Rates

Below is an example how to set up your rates to your cars

1) Adding Cars and Rates

First login and go to Mylisting

a)      Click on VewRates and add new vehicle

eg (Mercedes S Class)

b) One you have entered your vehicle choose the currency £ $ € and if you want to use miles or kilometers.

You then click on the Add Range link and enter your first mileage range e.g. 0 to 20 and add a rate for this range. Then click on Add Range again to enter your second mileage range and add a rate and so on Making sure you click on the Add Range for each extra mileage range. When you are finished click on the Submit button at the bottom and your first car will be entered.

2) Explained in more detail (Minimum Charge)

a) Decide what your minimum charge should be and enter the first mileage range for example Start 0 End 20.

We have set out an example above 0 < 20. For the Mercedes S Class you can decide what you want for the mileage range and the rate.

b)      Then add your rate to each mileage range like in the example above we have added 2.80 for the S class. So your minimum charge would be 20 miles times 2.8 which equals £56.

It is totally flexible so you can change mileage ranges and rates to suite your business at any time to any car!

c)     So for the first 0 – 20 miles the rate will be multiplied by 20 so if a mileage of 10 miles or anything 20 miles or less will be quoted it will still always be 20 x your rate (in the example if the quote was 10 miles it would still charge your minimum rate 20 miles X 2.8 as in the example for the S Class Mercedes above.. So the customer would get a quote of £56 for 10 miles.

d)      You can then add different mileage ranges (Click on the Add Range link for every new mileage range) with different rates giving you a flexible way to manage your rates and give your customers an accurate quote.

e)       You can add edit or delete the example above to suite your requirements.

f)      When a customer enters a journey from Start to Finish for an example the journey was 40 miles. Then the 40 miles would go through your mileage calculator. So if we look at the example below.

Example mileage range with rates

0  < 20 = 20  x  3.5   = 70

21 – 25 =  05 x  4.8  =  24

26  -40 =  15 x  4.5  =  67.5

Total  Price 161.50

So your Quote would be 40 miles in a Mercedes S Class would be £161.50 or $161.50 depending on what currency you have chosen.

Above is just an example you can put in different rates for different cars and the system is totally flexible giving you accurate quotes using the google maps road directions.

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