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Customers looking for chauffeur companies and Limousines want to get a price as quickly as possible this is now possible on Xclusive Chauffeurs When a company adds their details to Xclusive Chauffeurs they get a prominent listing on the site but they also get the option to use the INSTANT QUOTE feature which allows companies [...]

24 Apr, 2009

Where Are You!

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Where are the British Chauffeurs in these uncertain times yes it is hard out there for the chauffeur industry with companies cutting back on travel etc…  The credit crunch has hit most peoples pocket and so they have cut back so instead of a nice car to take them out they just call the local [...]

05 Apr, 2009

A new dawn for the Worldwide Chauffeuring Community

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 You can now benefit from joining  Xclusive Chauffeurs and make more money by dealing direct with new customers, from not only within your own country, but also from all over the world.   Xclusive Chauffeurs puts you directly in touch with the global travelling community using a state of the art top listed web site [...]

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