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03 May, 2009

Airport Transfers you get what you pay for!

Posted by: admin In: Airport Transfers News

When booking a car for your holiday or business trip what are you looking for! Do you want to arrive in style and are looking for a luxury car to get you to the airport or are you not bothered as long as the car is clean. This is what you need to decide when thinking about booking an airport transfer as the cost can vary! You may be lucky and pay a standard fare but they send you a luxury car or you may be unlucky and they send you a basic car with no thrills. So if you want to have a decent luxury car you need to specify this bearing in mind that if you phone around or look on the internet you may pick up a good deal as some companies are offering upgrades on cars. So make sure that you know what you are booking so you are not disapointed when the car turns up!

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